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Happy New Year! Wishing you a that is healthy, happy, and bright. And full of excellent webtoon obsessions. In the aftermath of Spirit Fingers ending, it was hard to find new webtoons to pore over—but here they are. The webtoons that I spent devouring. And fortunately, many of them will continue to be released in Did you know this rom-com webtoon was originally a novel by Kim Eun-jung? It was adapted into a Chinese movie and is slated to be developed as a K-drama in This is a delicious bibimbop mixed with steamy glances, enemies-to-lovers tropes, a contract relationship that steadily develops into something real, protagonists living together, dark secrets, and high-quality artwork.

When Lee Geun-young, a reporter, clashes with him multiple times in public, a cascade of unfortunate events turns into an unusual opportunity for both of them: a reality TV show. If the show is a success, Hoo Joon can bolster his image, and Soo-young can recover her career. And neither of them plans on actual feelings developing…. Han Kyoung Chal, the creator of Spirit Fingers, returned in with a short summer special less than a dozen chaptersand we are not worthy. Picture this and it is picturesque indeed : city girl stuck unexpectedly in the countryside of her childhood.

Half-forgotten childhood friends. A future nationally-ranked taekwondo athlete who fell in love with the slightly older granddaughter of his neighbor and never forgot her. The grumpiest, chonkiest, wonderful-est cat you ever did see.

And the realization that your dreams can be pursued at any age. Summer Breeze is a short but achingly sweet and nostalgic tale that takes place over the course of a too-short summer. Would I love a webtoon that picks up where this ends? If you want something to warm your cold and gray January and February days with the hope of spring and the memory of days long gone, Summer Breeze is perfect. The premise is intriguing to say the least. Nonreligious but aptly titled after a Bible verse Matthewthis campus romance features an older female college student who is getting her degree after going straight into the workforce as a high schooler.

To be fair, she used to be a professional scammer who was mixed up in a pyramid scheme that involved his mother. Obviously the best way to deal with these issues in one fell swoop is to pretend to be in a relationship with him, right?

To make matters worse, someone seems to be following her.

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Is it one of her former scam victims, an unwanted suitor from campus, or someone closer to home? This rom-com webtoon follows the exploits and misadventures of four flower boys in Joseon-era Korea. There is definitely a b-boying masked dancer and a flamboyant fashionista of a leader. K-pop idols in Joseon? But my fingers are crossed. What webtoons did you love in ?For a long time I hope! All you webtoon fanatics know what I'm talking about :smirk:. But out of all the many, many ones I read, I've been super obsessed with one — Lookism.

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Lookism tells a story about how your face and appearance can change how society and people treat you, and it teach you about why you shouldn't trust people who are good just on the outside. The characters mentioned in this story are my favourites, so if I don't mention someone here I am probably either okay them or don't like them lol.

There will be hardly, if any, spoilers in this post. Please do not spoil anything down there or I will block you : I'm very sensitive over spoilers. Also, I read the webtoon in the Indonesian language, so there might be a difference to names and terms. Hyung Seok is my favourite character in the series, he is very kind and even when he "became" popular, he is still extremely humble, hates illegal things like underage drinking and he LOVES his mother. Hyung Seok is willing to improve himself and he learns from other people's mistakes, he saw the bad in himself and I think Kai does too.

THE SECRET OF ANGEL여신강림 (TRUE BEAUTY) If Was a Drama? (Real Cast Webtoon)

Kai practices a lot, he improves over the short years and he's made us all so proud. Other than that, they both values friendship and love, that's why I think Kai is the perfect Hyung Seok. I'm not a fan of Monsta X, but I watched their Weekly Idol and I fell in love with Jooheon due to his cute nature, despite looking all big and gruffy. Vasco is one of my favourite character because of his cute nature :joy: despite looking big and scary, Vasco cries a lot and he loves chocolate milk.

Jooheon reminds me so much of him because of his visuals but also because of his soft personality. I can see, from clips on Twitter and Instagram, that Jooheon is very dear to his bandmates and Vasco is too to his gang, the Burn Knuckle. They will do anything to make him happy, this is why Jooheon really reminds me of Vasco. Other than their big ears smhChanyeol is extremely alike to Boem Jae.

Boem Jae is a very goody guy at first, but when he gets down to business, he's very serious and can be very intimidating and scary.

The reason Beom Jae made it to my favourite character list is how deeply he values his friendship.Webtoons are digital comics that originated in South Korea. They are known for their long vertical scroll format rather than pages as with comics and manga. One of the key factors for the surge in popularity of webtoons is that they are released weekly.

Most comics are released on a monthly basis. Currently a webtoon startup in Korea, Lezhin Comics has over 8, titles published in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English for audiences around the world.

Sincewebtoons on Lezhin Comics have grown in variety with new mainstream action and romance titles to fiercely popular BL and mature titles being published every week. Lezhin Comics offered their fans a chance to vote for their favorite webtoons. Therefore the rankings are based on episode purchases, views, subscriber counts and voting. Users on Lezhin Comics were able to get a total of 20 free Bonus Coins for voting on their favorite Korean webtoons. Furthermore, we also did an article on Korean mature adult webtoons.

He rejects everything about his new royal life but is intrigued by the mysterious and dutiful Shin Soohyuk, a catamite of the King. As Wolfgang slowly opens up and learns the ways of the palace, Soohyuk begins to see something special about the wild, unkempt, and stubborn young prince.

Therefore, he might just be the one Soohyuk has been waiting for… the one who could light the flame of rebellion. There are a few time leaps and the plot seems too rushed at times. However, overall a great work of art and a must-read for BL lovers. At the End of the Road is a story about Taemin who finds himself in the body of Siwon after a car accident.

Siwon is being bullied at school. He starts standing up for himself and ends up running into Woojin who is an old friend. The story slowly reveals what happened in the past and how this will affect their relationship in the future.

There are some sexually intense scenes between the two male students but it is tastefully done. This Korean webtoon is about Siwon who gets visited by Kang Jinha. Jinha reminds Siwon in his dream that there was an incident that happened between them.

Eventually, Siwon starts to remember. Will they end up together? A Guy Like You will pull you into the story from the start. My Secret Brother is about Hanmi to goes to a new school and ends up making up a lie just so Lee Gun will notice her. Her shallow plan backfires on her and now everyone at the new school thinks she is dating Junhyuk who is her brother. This Korean webtoon Broken Melody is about a former world-famous piano prodigy named Minhee.

A mistake has ruined her life.Many dramas still need to have a fixed cast. It is a makjang love story growth webtoon. The drama was announced to be produced into drama but the exact production and broadcast schedule is yet to be revealed.

My Webtoon Character - K-pop IDOL avatar maker

Moreover, none of the cast has yet been chosen. So WooJo -the main female character- easily falls in love with handsome men. She understands that she has special taste in men when she enters university.

Because of this, she has been in several dramatic relationships to the point of ruining her life where the guy was using her for money or others. We previously covered the actresses that Koreans desired as So WooJoo. This time, it is the turn of the two male leads. The two of them look especially handsome and share similarities with some idols.

He likes chubby women due to a childhood trauma. His image is immature, cheerful, caring, with a thin and sharp image. He is also tall and of cute style.

He gained weight because of stress and when he lost weight, many women found him attractive but he did not find anyone attractive to his liking. Kwon MinWoo is the bad guy of the webtoon, he dates women for their money and more. He is the university sunbae of So WooJoo. He is incredibly handsome and he knows it but has a cynical personality. He has no conscience. His physique is splendid with a defined beauty with an innocent image. So WooJoo has dedicated her whole soul and life for him but all he wanted was her money.

He lost his memory after an accident and appears in front of her again. Log in to leave a comment. Kdrama News Reviews Kpop. July 31, April 12, Load more. Robots helped inspire deep learning might become September 21, Apple Server Most Powerful rack optimized server September 21, September 2, Disclaimer Privacy Advertisement Contact Us. July 30, Webtoon remakes are very popular recently because they bring a whole new level of excitement to people who read the original webtoons. Its story revolves around a girl with incredible makeup skill which helped her gain self-confidence.

Webtoon and Kdrama fans are excited for the announcement of the cast which is why they suggested Korean actors and actresses who may be fit for the roles, and here are some of the suggested so far. During vacation, she practiced her make up skills by watching video tutorials. All these efforts to practice eventually resulted in her becoming a makeup goddess.

Lee SuHo is the main lead male character—a handsome, smart but snobbish guy.

webtoons about kpop idols

Han SeoJun is the sub lead male character who is an ex-idol trainee, and is currently working as a model for a shopping mall owned by his friends. He has a cold, distant, and bad boy image which contributes to his appeal. He also likes visiting coin karaokes as he sings very well. Kang SuJin is the antagonist of the story.

She is popular in school because of her attractive beauty, and ideal body.

Top 10 Male Idols Who Can Pass as Cast for "True Beauty" Webtoon Adaptation

However, she from a troubled family which contrasts her social media image. HeeGyung graduated in a prestigious university and got a perfect job right after she graduated which made her an ideal daughter for every mother.

He is fond of JugYeong since the day she did his make up for the promotional shoot for the survival show. What do you think of these character suggestions? Share us whom you prefer for each character in the comments below. Source: 1. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest. Home Contact Us About Us. Image courtesy from Line Webtoon. December 30, 0. October 27, 0.The internet already spread the news about the upcoming drama from the webtoon "True Beauty," and so many netizens have expressed their ideas on the actors and actresses they want to be cast for the role.

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True beauty was created by Yaongyi telling a story of an early year-old girl named Ju Gyung. Ju Gyung's main love interest is called Suho, which is such a dashing student described as a "cold" and "distant" person, but he has a soft spot for Ju Gyung. As fans are dying to see their favorites as an actor, here are some idols who are qualified to be cast in the drama with their stunning looks. Ker Entertainment, and surely his visuals are no joke. As he is the most noted member for his prince-like visuals and the royally beautiful-hearted that the fans love most about him, it shows that Younghoon is qualified for the role of Suho.

Appearing with his bright red prince attire, he gives off the personality Suho has in the drama. After his special appearance in "Melting Me Softly" and taking the challenge for the lead role of "He Is Psychometric," it is not impossible that Park Jinyoung would let this plan pass by.

This drama based on a webtoon too, will this be another project Kim Myungsoo is waiting? Since debuting inBtoB has been highlighted in South Korea's media often and definitely, Sungjae has been eyed as one of a possible actor of the show, too! Modern styling, Seungsik, Chan, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, and Subin exuded with overflowing manly charms in the pictorial.

However, the netizens have already decided Aside from wowing fans with their stunning group shot. The members likewise showed their respective captivating beauty in their photos. Suho has been trying out various fields in the industry like dramas, film, and musicals, as he was praised for his prince-like acting as well. Will he try this concept as a chance to showcase his full-on talent? Jin is also outstanding when it comes to the perfect face that is fit for the role of Suho in the drama.

Top 10 Korean Webtoons You Need to Read – Best of 2020

He is already perfect to be cast as the actor of the tv series that the author wanted him, too, to be cast as the lead. The BTS members have been together for many years and, normally, everyone knows each distinct personality even behind the camera. There is a ton of talented idols who have impressive vocal ranges, and we have here our best-picked singers who have once or twice or more!

webtoons about kpop idols

GOT7 Jinyoung. Related Stories! Latest Photo Gallery. Stunning Red Dresses That are Must-haves for Hey everyone and I wanted to make a quick Ka about Japanese kpop idols. I love Japanese culture and respect it highly. So here are some Japanese idols in kpop i hope you appreciate for coming from Japan or even has Japanese blood in them.

She literally is my bias in twice and I love how hard she is trying to learn korean and she learns so many dances. She loves dancing and watching her dance it shows how much passion she has for the art. And when she didn't win in sixteen and was taken out I was so sad but when she had her redemption and came back I was like yes you did it momo.

Sana is beautiful in my opinion and she is overall a really cute kpop idol. Her korean is pretty proficient and she is Heechul from super junior idol type. It's because she's so cute. He is literally so cool. He is in dramas that was kinda risky but it was still really cool. He is the general japan jtbc Representative because he was one of the very few Japanese male idols.

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Cross gene is super underrated so pls love them. He is the first sm Japanese trainee and he is so nice and postive. He helps his fellow band mate winwin with his korean. And Yuta knows really good korean he studies hard to learn it and it shows with how fluent he is already. Mib kangnam is a memeber of mib.

webtoons about kpop idols

They have a little problems with there band but kangnam trys to do more solo things. Like his solo chocolate. Edit he is also half korean half Japanese. She is half Japanese half korean and sadly died in a car accident. She was a beautiful idol and it was such a tragically in the kpop industry. It made everyone every kpop group hurt they cried on tv they lost a friend.

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